plutoon is an independent production company founded in 2013 in Bratislava by Pluto, the dog and his animator and director Peter Budinsky. Starting his own production company was just a next step for Peter Budinsky made to bring something new to the field of production in Slovak film industry after he achieved lot of success as a freelancer with his short animated films, both in Slovakia and also abroad.


plutoon now works in all stages of filmmaking and animation process and produces animation in its whole scale. In it’s portfolio it has various animated spots for advertising companies, educational software, visual design for TV shows, special effects for commercial projects, illustrations, animation & compositing, drawing storyboards, etc. The main aim is the production of challenging and unique films of artistic value for wider audience. And for all dogs in the world.


plutoon has a team of young, highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise in project development, production, structured finance and marketing. And there’s also the dog of course.


What’s more, we are constantly looking for new members of the team, creative and perspective authors, animators, illustrators, designers and any other possible partners.

We are also eager to find new creative and perspective projects, stories, scripts, art designs which we can develop or work on them with you.

And we are tirelessly looking for somebody to play with Pluto. Doesn’t really matter if it’s going to be men, women, dogs, cats or canaries.


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