Feature animated film for children

Far beyond the boarders of gloomy everyday stereotypes, there is a magical world Yourland, where the ravens act like the men, the building cranes walk like the robots and metal machine wants to rule over the world. Our little boy has to enter this world to find the truth and save Yourland – his own world.


SK/ COL. / 80 min.  / in development
DIRECTOR: Peter Budinsky
SCREENPLAY: Patrik Pass, Eva Krizkova, Peter Budinsky, Barbora Budinska

STORY EDITOR: Kristina Majova
PRODUCER: Barbora Budinska
CO-PRODUCERS: Eva Pa, Peter Badac
BUDGET: 2 200 000 euros
PRIZES: Cena Tibor Vichtu

Exceptional and challenging project, one of the first ambitious Slovak feature films for children. Quality of screenplay and visuals surpasses standard schemes of feature films for children. Production team consists of competent and very talented people and the project has great perspective to enrich Slovak cinematography.”
(commission of Audiovisual Fund)

“The artwork showed the intended style that mixes photo collage with matte painting. The backgrounds are very detailed and have an epic, video game feel to it. It has certain appeal for the targeted audience, who tend to move away from “kiddie” animation.”  (commission of Creative Europe MEDIA)



Little boy Riki moves to a new place only with his mum after his parents have divorced. Riki really misses his father and his mother is also struggling in this situation. Riki is trying to help her, but he can’t stop asking about the father and instead of helping, he makes the atmosphere at home even worse. He goes out to play and he finds a strange shiny crystal and decides to take it although he doesn’t know what is it good for.


Later, the tension at home grows and after an argument with his mum, Riki decides to leave home so he’s no longer a burden. The moment he leaves the apartment, the strange crystal starts to shine and vibrate. A strong wind comes suddenly and takes Riki into the big sandy storm and after while, he wakes up in the fantastic world called Yourland.


A girl Emma saves him and explains, that the shining crystal on his neck is called Heart of a Tower and it belongs to Yourland, to the top of the Tower. Its function is to heat and protect the country. The Heart’s been missing recently, Yourland is in danger and Emma asks Riki to join her on an adventurous and often dangerous journey to save her country.


But there’s also somebody else interested in the strength of the Heart. Kids have to find out the truth about the main villain and beat him. Riki will have to take the Heart to the top of the Tower to save whole Yourland. On this trip, he’ll also find out all about himself to be able to return to his parents.



–>how our main character was created


–>how we made the backgrounds


–>how the animation works.


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